Areas of Practice

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At Young, Kester, Black & Jube our primary area of expertise has always been helping injured individuals with claims against insurance companies and large corporations. However, throughout the years and with the addition of new members to the firm we have expanded our areas of practice. Today we have many specialties.

Although litigation is sometimes inevitable, we always hope to reduce lawsuits and prolonged litigation by providing our clients with reliable advice as well as well-organized transactional documents. Some of the documents we regularly draft are things like wills & trusts, contracts, prenuptial agreements, and incorporation papers etc…

If litigation becomes necessary in most types of cases, we can help.

One thing our firm understands is that everyone deserves to be heard. Whether we are helping a client with an injury, divorce, or criminal matter we are here to listen to your story and help tell your story to whoever needs to hear it. We are here to help clients not simply “win.” We want our clients to leave our office feeling like they were educated about the law involved in their case, listened to, respected, and represented vigorously. It would not be genuine if we guaranteed victory in any case because there are always two sides to a story, but we find that if our clients are educated, listened to, respected and represented vigorously that they usually feel that they were represented well by us.

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